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Thickness of panels : 50 to 200mm
(Standard) Width : 1.175 meters maximum
Material of skins : Laminated hot dipped pre-coated galvanised
(white) Colourbond Sheet, Stainless steel or
aluminum sheet skins also available on
request. All panels are supplied with
standard plastic protective film.
Thickness of skins : 0.5mm (Pre-painted Colorbond Sheet)
0.5mm 2B304 (S/Steel Sheet)
0.5mm 2B316 (S/Steel Sheet)
0.7mm 2B304 (S/Steel Sheet)
0.7mm 2B316 (S/Steel Sheet)
Joining / Locking
: Semi-camlock or fully camlock system.

The Panles can be made to various thickness from 50 to 200mm.
The recommended design thickness of Insulation Specification.

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